Music, emotions, applauses this evening in Bucharest

The event tonight was three times special.


It was a mixture of music and conversation with good friends which is not to often found here. It took place in the Athenaeum, the most beautiful venue we have in Bucharest and it was packed (around 850 people). And the phenomenal ending centered on Angela Gheorghiu. Even if everyone knew she's the guest of the event, her appearance on stage was a total surprise. Without any introduction, on dim lights, Dan Grigore started playing a tune on the piano and after a few minutes her voice could be heard from backstage, in the speakers. The song was Vocalise by Rachmaninov. It was like her voice was coming from everywhere. People in the audience looked around searching for the source of the sound and applauded as loud as they could when she came on stage.
Next song was also a Rachmaninov. Followed by O, mio babbino caro. Even if I heard it hundreds of time, still love it, it still makes my heart beating fast. There were pure feelings delivered to the audience. I'll keep this moment close to my soul as I lived every sound of it. Standing ovations in the end, everyone was so happy to see her there and to have the opportunity to listen to her live. The last song was Les chemins de l'amour by Poulenc.

Voice + piano = love. I can't get enough of it!

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