Going to this concert was a sudden decision. The initial plan was to wait until Tosca in London. But I missed THE voice. How much? A lot. Last time I listened to Angela live was in December, in London. Six months is a lot of time.

So I went to Valladolid, a town with lots of churches, peacocks, shoe stores and beauty salons. Strange combination, isn’t it? Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes is a modern building, a little bit outside town. The Auditorio is just one of the venues. Great acoustics it has.

The concert itself ended way too fast. But I always have this feeling because usually I wait a lot to go to a concert and the feelings during that hour and half are intense. In an ideal world, everything should be sung twice. And I doubt anyone in the audience would mind.. 🙂

The first nice surprise of this concert was the starting piece, the overture to I vespri siciliani by Verdi. I don’t remember listening to it live before. It was followed by Parigi, o cara. Singing and acting. And this goes for all the arias. The young tenor Teodor Ilincai made a very good impression from the beginning. What a voice! Well, I’m in advantage as I have listened to him so many times at the opera house in Bucharest. He’s singing a lot abroad so if you see his name in the cast, buy a ticket!
The first part also included Handel’s Lascia ch’io pianga, Verdi’s Ah, la paterna manofrom Macbeth, Puccini’s Un bel di (some indecision from the orchestra at the beginning, or at least it seemed so, but quickly solved by the conductor, Giordano Bellincampi) and the duet from the end of act 1 of La Boheme, O soave fanciulla. Towards the end of the duet, the two left the stage holding hands and we could hear the last “Amor” from backstage, loud and clear. It took some time to the audience to warm up, but in the end of part one there was an explosion of applauses.

The second part of the program brought two songs I was waiting impatiently for. The duet from Romeo and Juliette (Va! Je t'ai perdonne) and right after it, Song of the moon. Needless to say that the combination had a killing effect on me. It’s so beautiful to feel the heart beating faster and faster, to need more air than usually, oh, and those damn tears that blur the vision when you less want. And all this when listening to a voice. The one and only.

The program ended with Nessun Dorma, Ebben and Muzica. About Muzica, I see it as Angela’s trademark song. Trademarks are not shared. I would have loved to listen to this piece sung by her alone and not together with the tenor.

4 encores for this evening: I could have danced all night (Angela), Non puede ser(Teodor) and Granda and Brindisi, together. The reaction of the audience was amazing. Standing ovations, lots of cheering, flowers.

I’m so happy I was there. THANK YOU!

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